About Retail Packaging Outlet

Joanne [Randazzo] Coleman

Joanne was born and raised in the packaging industry. Her father started working in the business more than forty years ago, starting out as a graphics department assistant at a plastic bag plant and working his way up to owning his own business as a [packaging] manufacturer’s representative.

It was Coleman’s father that pulled her aside after she graduated college and told her she should be working for herself. He saw her potential and told her she had what it takes to make it in the packaging industry.

Joanne knew there was much more to her father’s business than just a plastic bag, but she decided to seize the opportunity to run her own business. She started cold calling small businesses in Chicago, armed with nothing more than a business card and a black-and-white brochure. At the time, there was only one other wholesale packaging business like her’s based in Chicago, which meant there were a lot of small businesses in the area that needed what Coleman was offering.

She gained her first customer at the same mall she shopped at while growing up. After that she ventured into the suburbs, exhibited at the “Chicago Gift Show”, and her business took off from there. She has been helping retailers in the Chicago area and across the United States brand themselves through quality packaging materials ever since.